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Environment Day SuperPowers

A staunch believer of sustainable and herbal life, practices Ayurveda, cares for plants, and keeps adding more, Richa carries her bag to shops, probably why brands and shops hate the audacity of that when it comes to an influencer. She has various posts on making herbal shampoos and personally vouches for them. Avoids cosmetics at far and large. “I tell people more and more about my love for nature, different plants through my posts and photos. It probably shows what I am made of, what I see, and the way I see the world. I use my position to highlight these and that itself influences people towards the environment. One very important thing though, if I would ever like to...

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Corona + Grass - Roots

“We have always been weavers, as far as memory goes. I was born in the middle of tight spindle schedules of yarn spins and hard pounds of pit looms. These chaotic walls of thundering noise make me feel at ease, at home. My father got these English-built handlooms along with these heavier Mysore-built machines; we were the proudest cloth makers here. These huge machines have been fed yarn by generations of weavers who have made the finest of fabrics. They've seen this beautiful country get its independence and made tricolours for joy. They've fed clusters of hard-working families around us and raised buildings and whole societies. They stand silent today. Every time these machines stop, it brings a great disaster...

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