Environment Day SuperPowers

A staunch believer of sustainable and herbal life, practices Ayurveda, cares for plants, and keeps adding more, Richa carries her bag to shops, probably why brands and shops hate the audacity of that when it comes to an influencer. She has various posts on making herbal shampoos and personally vouches for them. Avoids cosmetics at far and large.

“I tell people more and more about my love for nature, different plants through my posts and photos. It probably shows what I am made of, what I see, and the way I see the world. I use my position to highlight these and that itself influences people towards the environment.

One very important thing though, if I would ever like to get high I would smoke weed and never go for chemicals. “

              -Richa Mourya

              Artist, Bangalore



Born and brought up in the beauty of hills and nature, in the paradise of North East. Every news of cutting down the forest for road lane extension or anything as such back home hurts a little.

“I got my parents to invest in rainwater harvesting. I turn off electricity in empty rooms. In my capacity, I would try to walk more. When in GOD mode I’ll make all govts use sustainable and cooperative farming also make sure Bayer- Monsanto pays back all farmers, B******s destroyed lands promising short term gains to poor”

              -Adam Mawlong

              Amazon India, Bangalore



From the valley of Kathmandu and having lived in both India and China for a good period of life, Sagar travelled 19 countries and counting. Yet the lesser roads, blue skies and crisp air while growing up was something much more to be cherished. We don’t have anything but pollution of all sorts now.

“I try to avoid taking disposable cutlery while ordering take-out back in China and recycle the plastic containers afterward. I have tried to cut down on meat to reduce my carbon footprint. Going cashless and sticking to digital payments, upcycling products and being more thoughtful about buying new clothes. These are some of the things i have been trying to do. ”


              -Sagar Chaudhary

              International PR and Marketing, Chinaccelerator, Shanghai


City that never sleeps and definitely wouldn’t stop you from dreaming. Two little pearls of wisdom at the brim of their college days put their faith in government laws and systems to curb what is done.

“Stop human interference with animals, just let them be. Where they are, how they are. Ban zoos. Lockdown has got us feeling and this ain't right. One should try and stop the crime at the spot instead of making videos of animal torture and probably save innocent lives.”


                -Khushboo Dayal

                 Junior College, Mumbai


“We need to take appropriate actions now than suffering in the future. Switch to renewable energy and curb laws to hold the guilty accountable”

                   -Khushi Dayal 

                   Junior College, Mumbai


 When you have lived in the hustle of megacities and worked with families in chawl, risen to consultancy firms, and traveled across states, you tend to look for that zen that only nature gives. 65 days in the Himalayas seems like a dream time frame, oh how amazing it would have been.

“Sensitise people in my immediate reach on basics as to why adopting these are important, begin by segregating at a household level, be mindful about plastic reduction and reuse. Replace sanitary napkins with menstrual cups which is a more sustainable preference. New handbag essentials: Metal Straw and water bottle.”

She’s considering to stop with meat but how do you say no to seafood, is yet to be decided.

              - Tulshe Chowdhury

              Policy Mgmt, Orissa Govt., Bhubaneshwar



Who knew from the hills of Himachal would one day come in one of the best coders in the company and having traversed across continents, talks about his golden times in valley and rest that followed in this journey. Cultivation of maize in Mexico has been on his mind with the same intent as everything else, do good be good.     

 “Taxation has ruined everything good. Water, land, environment, and everything natural. Humans have damned the environment just for economic reasons. The need to capitalize on everything we can put hands-on and hence making it a normal behavior.

Bangalore was a city of lakes and now we have buildings on those lands.

South Africa came up with Day Zero, a date fixed in the future, there won’t be water in the pipeline on that particular day in the future. People tried to do little of their part of conserving and when the day finally came, their liquefiers had enough water due to the publics changed habits, so the date was pushed a year further and again 2 years further. A little change of habit made such a change for cities.

We should look into banning toothpaste packaging, super essential products with massive waste on the planet, replace it with a subscription or reusable packaging. Recycling is a hoax when it comes to mega-companies so we should do our part. The fundamental came just in when Coke and Pepsi wanted to go with plastic. Advertising about recycling plastic was a major strategy to bring down the cost and increase sales volumes.  Actual recycling was shut when they moved from glass to plastic, and the world followed.

It may seem small, but always do your part, put beer cans in recyclable bins after use and never buy plastic bottles. Practice smart agricultural modes.”

                   -Arpit Nayital

                   Senior Analyst, E & Y, Hawaii


An art enthusiast, sky photographer, and magically musical. Amsterdam and Bangalore have spilled their magic beans on him and definitely on his sky shots. “Remove plastic from the environment, plant as many high carbon-absorbing trees as possible, clean water bodies and forest peripheries with all means.”

                       -Shrey Sharma

                       Art Exhibitor, Jaipur


A small-town girl has set rules and once you break the stereotype, you are meant to fly. Far and beyond. An amazing solo trip across the continent also counts. But incapacity of a corporate head, few small magical steps to do, no questions asked “Print as little as necessary, save water and electricity, Plant a tree”

                       -Akansha Agarwal

                        Corp Head, Kolkata



With a wealth of beaches to choose from, you’re bound to find one that suits your taste in Cyprus. But if you’re traveling around the world you need a stable job and jumping feet to lurk anywhere and everywhere. Adventure specialist and globe-trotting English Teacher at Thailand has tried and brought in changes in near and best of capacity.

“Changes come from my house and people around me, close circle of friends and family. I always reuse and recycle. Always point out if I think they are being wasteful like using plastic cups at parties or getting a plastic straw. I am aware of the impact of cattle and agriculture on the environment and hence I eat very little meat now and so are my siblings, boyfriend, and many friends.

I use my job to let my students know what little changes they can make. I teach how to treat animals better, what elephants riding, tiger temples, aquariums, and zoos involve, why animals are the best creation and how all of them even sharks and spiders are cool and special, especially them because kids at school are so scared of them”

                 -Joanna Black

                 Teacher, Chiang Mai, Thailand


Imagine you are stuck in Gurgaon heat and yet cycle to the office because you have to do your little part. Mountaineering enthusiast and super trekker from Dehra has always been vocal about the environment and things we could do in our small capacity.

“Dams have got to go, plenty of alternative energy sources out there. All transports switched to electrical. Clean out and recycle the plastic from every inland water body.”

                 -Abhimanyu Singh

                  Mountaineer Trainee, Dehradoon


In this matrix of a universe, when you put smartest of geeks on an Enfield and he takes it away to hills for a long time, you know he is the smart one. To read in between the lines, one needs to know a lot of codes and mathematics to first create a line, he knows more in different dimensions and scales already. If this is too much geek for you, he has a very simple plan.

“Stop beef production, Sustainable transport with eco-friendly energy resources. Better waste management with recycling; sort waste at the source into organic, paper, and plastic.”

              -Kumar Harsha

              PhD Student, Osnabrück, Germany



You could pick people at random pins on earth, mixed age groups or completely diverse work fields, yet when it comes to nature, everyone wants to do their little or knows what has to be done. Yet somewhere we are making mistakes that can cost us years of evolution and future of this planet. We have dedicated a day to talk about such issues, at every strata of society, but is this enough?

We are halfway through 2020 and probably we have had seen better in our lifetime than in last few months. No race, caste or culture could stop what had hit the humanity. Each and every natural disaster made it clearer that there was nothing natural about them.

We have read and re-read about organic living and sustainable lifestyle, something hippies have been talking for ages, but now most are worried about not being on this train. Those runaway blokes were somehow correct about the whole zen of a lifestyle this organic world provides.

You can be you and do a small yet major part in this havoc of a situation, choose to call them Environment Day SuperPowers.  

In beautiful words of Karuna Ezara Parekh, “I want to work on a better one. Not fight for it, not pray for it, just work on it, and to remember we all rely on each other, we all rely on something.”


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